ASJ apologizes for Twitter fiasco.


“Moving On” was the beginning of it all. Bucs tight end ASJ was sent off the field for a mistake made in during a drill last week, tweeted about it, then all hell broke loose. No one saw the original tweet for what it was and much controversy was brewing in its wake. That controversy led to fan insults and then ASJ retaliation. Jenkins now apologizes for his actions and states that he needs to set a higher standard for himself and the organization, at all times. “It’s a learning process. I’m ready today and excited to get back to work and get this behind me. I won’t let it happen again.”

“It was a lapse of judgment. Obviously, it was not a good day. I was sent off the field. I was frustrated. I can’t take it out on the fans. That’s not fair to them at all. All they want is a winner, all they want is me to be successful, all they want me to be is great. They just want me to get ready and I respect that. For any of the fans I offended, I’m sorry. I can’t wait to get to work and be the best tight end I can be for you guys.”

Let’s hope ASJ leaves this kind of high school back ‘n forth to the waves of time and puts as much effort into focusing on football.  Mistakes are made and being unprofessional, is not the way to handle them. Apologizing is the first step in regaining a grip on his professionalism and hopefully, this easily avoidable incident does not reoccur.