Eric Decker is tired of talking about the Fitz/ Jets Standoff, and wants to focus on the season.


For most of the Jets offseason, the focus has been on the standoff between QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the organization. Players and fans have made their feelings known by showing their loyalty for Fitz, but for some, this incident is wearing a bit thin.

Jets WR Eric Decker has been a loyal supporter of Fitz and that has not changed. But, he is getting tired of answering questions pertaining to the standoff and would like to only focus on preparing for the upcoming season. “It’s been a long process. I’ve talked about it too many times. He’s still not here and honestly it takes away from the focus on everyone else in this locker room. What our goals are, what we’re trying to accomplish this season. It’s just something out of all of our control. We just wanna focus on what we can control.”

There is no question that the players support Fitzpatrick, but they also support Geno Smith as the new starter. Regardless, they all wish for this standoff to end. When will it end? There is no solid answer for that, or what it will all entail. Fitz says he will retire if he doesn’t get the offer he wants and the Jets refuse to change their original offer. The standoff continues for now.