Raymond James Stadium is getting some new toys


In case you have been living under a rock, Raymond James Stadium has been going through renovations for several months now. Among those renovations are the installment of new video boards, and these suckers are going to be humongous.

These new video boards are going to be so large that no one will have any trouble seeing any of replays or any other action that will be shown. No longer will anyone have to pull out binoculars, or strain their eyes in order to see these new boards. Each Endzone will have a massive 9,600 square foot high definition video monitor, and each corner will have a 2,304 square foot HD video board, allowing anyone just about anywhere, to be able to see the screens with ease. The overall square footage of these boards come in third in the NFL as only two other stadiums have more overall square footage.

Tampa’s new renovations will also help persuade the NFL to allow Tampa to host a Super Bowl in the near future. The state of  Raymond James Stadium was a concern in this year’s selection for places to be considered to host the Super Bowl.