Jameis Winston will not fall victim to the sophomore slump.


winstonJameis Winston carries a huge weight on his shoulders, the hopes of the franchise and dreams of the fanbase. His rookie performance has taken everyone’s expectations of him to whole other level. Now in his second year, Winston has shown, thus far, to improve in all aspects of the game and of himself. Putting in a monumental amount of work in the offseason. He got his body into shape, he worked on his footwork, and other mechanics, and he worked on his QB bond with Mike Evans.

For all that hard work, he will be rewarded with more control of Dirk Koetter’s offense. Last season, Winston was limited in what he was able to in the presnap, but now that he has acclimated to the NFL, Winston will have more options with the pre-snap, and is going to run the no-huddle offense more often, something Jameis is excited about.

According to the statistics, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked in the top ten in no-huddle plays, last season and Koetter as an offensive coordinator has called 11th most no huddle plays while at Atlanta. With that statistical trend, we could see close to 220 or more no-huddle plays this season, as long as Koetter’s confidence in Jameis continues to grow.

ClW_FtlWkAAnl_hJameis came into the NFL with an incredible arm and an ability to throw the ball just about anywhere on the field, and as last season progressed so did his confidence, another thing he hadn’t lacked with his entrance into the league. With his overall improved fitness and conditioning, he should be much more elusive in the pocket and in his running in the open field, keeping defenses completely honest.

Jameis Winston’s competencies as a passer and confidence as a leader, along with all the physical and mental improvements, he should avoid the dreaded sophomore slump and carry the Buccaneers offense on his back, with ease.