Alshon Jeffery unhappy with current contract.


jeffI remember back before the start of free agency, Bucs fans were talking about Alshon Jeffery, everyone wanted him, but he ultimately decided he would take his chances by returning to Chicago. That was short lived. It seems that the Bears and Jeffery are light years apart on a long-term deal, and that could force Jeffery out of Chi-town.

After signing the one-year tag for $14.6 million, it seems he is unhappy with his current contract, and that there is no reason to believe that things will be corrected. Alshon Jeffery believes he is a top notch receiver and wants a contract that will surpass those of the receivers he believes to be inferior. Ie. Doug Baldwin and Keenan Allen, who both received big money long term contracts earlier this year. Jeffery wants to stay with the Bears but also wants to be treated like the receiver he is. If not he and everyone else knows that there will be a team waiting to negotiate the contract he wants, in 2017.