Carson Wentz to be third string QB


43c1614cf5314c5db8a42e8167ee8d9c-43c1614cf5314c5db8a42e8167ee8d9c-0The Eagles spent a ton of money on Sam Bradford and backup QB Chase Daniels, so it’s likely that they both will start above the 2016 number 2 overall selection.Although Eagles practice does not start until July 28th, and anything is possible, Doug Pederson made it clear that if they had to play now, Wentz would not be playing. Wentz will likely be brought around slowly, by the coaches and the Eagles seem to have full confidence in Sam Bradford and want him to be their guy while Wentz is developing. Considering the Eagles really do not have that tough of a schedule, barring injuries, Bradford and Daniels will be the guys all season.