Doug Martin did not get better in 2015, he was just healthy.


iAnyone who knows about the Buccaneers knows that Doug Martin did not have very good seasons in 2013, and 2014, injuries and bad offensive line are easily the main culprits in those debacles. In 2015 the offensive line improved and so did the offensive play calling and from that, it seemed that Doug Martin had gotten better. However, I am not so sure that Martin had gotten any better, I am in the belief that he was just healthy, and already a good running back.

If Martin remains healthy, he should once again, hover somewhere around the top of the NFL in rushing and I’m thinking somewhere like the number 1 spot.


With the additions to this year’s offensive line, it should be a lot easier for Doug Martin to break big runs, so I expect more yards than last year. Although the offensive game plan is for Winston to throw the ball more, and in order to do that, you have to run the ball less. I do not think that will be a factor in Martin’s ability to rack up yards. Running Martin less means he will be fully charged every time he touches the football. A fully charged Martin is a highly productive Martin.