Much has changed since 2014 Bucs Jags Preseason



With the Bucs and Jags preparing to play a preseason clash it is notable how Tampa has changed since these two teams met just two preseasons before. Prior to the 2014 season, Lovie Smith was just hired and the Bucs were showing off their new Nike uniforms to start the preseason in Jacksonville.

The starting quarterback for the Bucs was Josh McCown who would have a disappointing season and would be released from his contract after a dismal 2-14 season. Expectations were high for this Bucs squad but poor play at quarterback and an injured Doug Martin held back the offense and the defense were struggling with Smith’s Tampa two defense scheme.

Two years later McCown is riding the bench in Cleveland and Tampa has their best chance at a franchise quarterback in Jameis Winston. Lovie Smith is now a head coach in college and a new aggressive defense is in place in Tampa.

While this game was just two years ago a lot has changed for Buccaneer football and mostly it feels like a good change. The offense is coming off as a top 5 rated offense with a healthy Martin, and Mike Evans showing the potential to be a top receiver. The defense after one preseason game looks much better and will be able to get opposing offenses off the field better than Smith’s group ever did. This game looks to have the Bucs franchise moving in a more disciplined and professional manner and ready to make moves In the 2016 NFL season.