New ISIS warnings issued for sports venues


The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a new warning about the possibility of stadiums and public venues being targeted. The new warning comes just a few days before the NFL season opens on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This warning says that homegrown ISIS-inspired terrorists are shifting their focus away from government and military targets and toward civilian places that gather large groups of people such as stadiums, concerts venues, and music festivals. Law enforcement officials say they are working closely with professional sports leagues but would not go into any of the details about the steps being taken. Homeland security analyst David Inserra said that U.S security officials are right to increase attention on stadiums, but said: “It would be a challenge due to the sheer number of people and the fact it is not as secure a facility like airports.” Law enforcement officials are advising fans to read NFL security policies regarding what you can and cannot bring to games.

Be careful if you’re planning to attend any games this Sunday.