Week two was a wake up call.


The Cardinals’ defense bounced back after their disgusting display of tackling skills and secondary play, in week one,  to make Tampa their whipping post. Jameis Winston played uncharacteristically, last night, by throwing four interceptions and losing one fumble. He ended the game with a 39.2 rating and sacked three times.

Doug Martin left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury, which likely helped the decline of our offense. Jameis forced passes where they should not have been thrown and, as a result, he threw interceptions and many incomplete passes. 

Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals was a reality check for the Buccaneers, who started out on a high note and  a wake-up call for fans who have playoffs and Super Bowl aspirations. However, it is only one game and the second week, for a team who has been rebuilding for two years, I would not give up on our season just yet. Tampa should take this loss as a learning experience in order to prepare better for the rest of the teams on the schedule.