Vincent Jackson has a message for everyone.


Vincent Jackson is in his 12th year of his NFL career and at 33 he is claiming that he’s working on his craft harder than he ever has. He just hasn’t been getting many opportunities.

In week one and two he was thrown to a total of 6 times (2 @ATL, 4 @ AZ)  for 62 yards, and in the Atlanta game, he had that fiasco surrounding Jameis Winton’s interception, being cited to have run the incorrect route.

The veteran Wr also refuted Todd Monken’s remarks that he had played harder in the second game than he had in the first. Dirk Koetter let it be known that Vincent Jackson and Jameis better find a way to get on the same page, hinting at a possible change to come.

Despite fan belief, V-Jax feels that he is playing at high level and he believes that he can make the plays when the opportunity presents itself. He also would like to invite you down to One Buc to watch him practice. See for yourself if he’s lost a step. 

The Bottom Line is: Jackson wants it known that he feels better than ever and wants nothing more than to remove all doubt from his haters, his fans, and the team.