Heartbreak in Tampa


bucsThis Sunday, Buccaneers fans watched, as their Bucs sustained a loss, in a way we know all too well.

If it wasn’t for the amazing day Jameis Winston had, (405 yards, 3 TDs, and an interception, that wasn’t his fault exactly), who knows what would’ve been the outcome.

The Fight we have all come to love from our offense is what is going to keep us in these games the rest of this season.

The defense will have to step up and make their presence felt but that will come with more time.


However, I also believe there has to be some better coaching to go along with it.

But with these great moments: Kwon Alexander interception for a TD… Jameis Winston with his “Prayer Touchdown” to Evans…

Is that not what we live and die for as a Bucs fan?

Yes, we all want to win games and who doesn’t But Never Jump Ship!!! Wins will come with time. Let’s support our Buccaneers, instead of complaining how this one and that one sucks. Show them that we also have the Fight!

Show them that we will  stick by them no matter what happens…

Pewter and Red until I’m cold and Dead.