Kwon Alexander, the Winston of the defense


Man; is there something special brewing at one Buccaneer place.

Kwon Alexander was quick in making a big impact for the star talent lacking Bucs team of 2015. In just 12 games Kwon Alexander made his name a household one. Not only did he accumulate 93 tackles and two interceptions but he quickly became the unspoken leader of this defense.

During the offseason, Kwon Alexander took major strides into proving his leadership role. When the Buccaneers hired, Mike Smith as our defensive coordinator they knew the defense was going to undergo a brand new defensive scheme. However, this did not stop Kwon Alexander from doing what he does best, making big time plays.

Kwon Alexander comes into work every morning before his teammates to be the first to study and perfect, not only his role in the new scheme but everyone’s role so he can lead and mentor the struggling new faces of this Bucs defense. That is similar to what Winston had done with the offensive players last year.

Kwon in just his second year has become the vocal leader of the Buccaneer defense. But make no mistake about it, Kwon also leads by example, putting up a staggering 31 tackles and an interception returned for a Touchdown, so far this year. Might I add it’s also the team’s first and only Interception of the year!

Kwon and Jameis Winston’s passion to be the best is undeniable, their love for the sport is rejuvenating, and maybe best of all is their ability. It’s incredible. They are two prime examples of what true leaders look like; both on and off the field. With these two young rising stars paving the way and leading by example it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come for this Buccaneers team.