Bold Buc prediction.


In sports, especially football, everyone loves a good prediction. Personally, I’m no different. But I get tired of these safe predictions. They are well, boring! So I’ve decided that each week instead of these boring or safe predictions, I’m gonna have some truly bold predictions for our Bucs. Each week I will have three bold predictions and a final score. So let the fun begin!

1. The defense steps up huge! four sacks: Lavonte, Kwon, and two for Gerald McCoy. Also, we get three big turnovers. Two picks and a fumble recovery. The first INT will go to VH3, and the second to Chris Conte. Kwon causes and recovers the fumble. Last week the Broncos new QB got away with at least four throws that should’ve been picked off. This week he’s not-so-lucky.

2. VJax goes off! 105 yards receiving and two touchdowns. This guy works ridiculously hard. I also feel he is has been very disrespected. The Broncos secondary will pay too much attention to our other receivers and Vincent Jackson makes them pay.

3. Roberto finally gets some love. Just making one might seem like a bold prediction, but our rookie kicker finally gets it figured out. He makes all his extra points and 3 field goals. The 2nd round pick will come around and it starts this week.

Now the final score: Bucs 27 Broncos 24! A late interception from Conte sets up a game winner for Roberto! All the so- called experts are picking the Broncos to roll. So far they have. But a few too many mistakes and we take advantage. I can already hear Mr. Deckerhoff yelling in the booth, “BUCS WIN, BUCS WIN!!!! FIRE THE CANNONS! BUCS WIN!”