The Most Unprofessional MVP in NFL history?


As a writer here for Bucs Report, I try to keep it professional as possible to give you guys an idea of what I’m seeing out there and backed by stats with of course my opinions through the good and bad. But watching Cam Newton at the podium as the defending NFL MVP just makes me cringe with an odd elation.

Watching Newton repeat his disastrous Super Bowl postgame is more disheartening than anything considering how much of role model the 27-year-old superstar is. For someone who is so generous during and after games around Charlotte, to go about a loss so unprofessionally and childishly is mind boggling or perhaps, Newton is a Diva quarterback who won’t jump on fumbles and be the face of the franchise through the ups and downs.

Or maybe the MVP just doesn’t care what we think about him and that shows after losses. Whatever the reason, the Panthers are 1-5 and that makes THIS Bucs Report writer happy. The NFL giveth, and the NFL taketh. Go Bucs!