Chris Conte, the problem child?


That’s been the topic for quite some time over the months. A staggering number of fans are calling for his head but is all the blame simply on him? Quite simply no. At least not yet. It takes a team effort to be in the bottom of the food chain on pass defense. The lack of passion on defense and the multiple time’s players are out of position on converges and blitzes can be very frustrating and demoralizing to both the fans and the players both on and off the field. Let’s face it when frustrated people tend to the point the finger and play the blame game and it’s targeted to one player in particular, and his name is Chris Conte. But honestly is he the real problem? To many people, yes he is. But I want people to really pay attention to see what’s really going on and look at the bigger picture. Chris Conte, as of week 6, has been statistically ranked in the top 25 out of all secondary players in tackles, he is currently 15. That’s saying something! I mean did we really expect our pass defense to go from bottom 5 to top 5 in one offseason? No, it just doesn’t happen that way. It’s easy to play the blame game and it’s easy to pass judgment on a player when frustrated and believe me we are frustrated! But there’s no denying that Conte is a solid player. Constantly making big time tackles going full speed from the start whistle to the finishing whistle. The man plays with more heart and passion than almost anyone on this defense. Does he sometimes bust coverages? Sure. But can we really put all the blame on him? No, because Chris Conte is playing the Safety position the way he is supposed to play it,  and to those who ridicule him, you obviously do not understand the Stong Safety position. S0 let’s just relax, he’s one of the smaller problems we have on this struggling pass defense.