Three and Three.

A crossroads of a team trying to make their mark. From years of disarray to a team, that is on the verge of doing something this year, here we are a team that has the potential to be 6-3 if they have an outstanding home series.

The keys to this success are as follows:

1) Run with intent no matter who is in the backfield: 

It is a must in order to control the game on many levels, including game clock management, allowing the defense rest time for the next series, and for the play action. It will give the passing game a better chance of success as it will put pressure on opposing teams, by not allowing them to focus on Winston and his receivers. A good run game will wear down a defense, especially heading into the 4th quarter. All the while, keeping the clock at a steady pace.

2) Disciplined and dominant ways of thinking:

A rule that should be embedded in the minds of all of the players and applied to many aspects of the team. There has been many years of frustration surrounding the Buccaneers, from holding penalties that had negated plenty of positive drives, to numerous illegal hits, and offensive and defensive interference calls that have deflated our team, and the ridiculous amounts of blown assignments and it still plagues us today. Pass and run blocking needs to be cleaned up and implemented, on time and efficiently. The quarterback reads need to be polished, but also need to be executed. Find what is open, and execute don’t just lock in one receiver for 80% of your passes. Do not chance high-risk passes until the bait is set, this should also decrease the amount of ugly turnover. Pace the passing game, don’t force the long ball, when it is normally more efficient to dink and dunk. Nothing gasses a defense and irritates a coordinator more than the water drop torture effect of a long, productive drive for a score. Teams have exploited us for years using this same type of dink and dunk, destroying out secondary with a slant or a check down. It’s time for us to use this to our advantage.


 3) Solid play from the Safeties:

The fact of this matter is that we are getting better every week. Although our D-line is a shell of what we had in the Atlanta game, due to injuries, we are improving with what we have week to week. The pass rush looked better against the Panthers and the 49ers, and in turn, our secondary looked better, and our Safeties were more efficient. Thus proving that our secondary unit is capable. Both Grimes and Hargreaves are begging to look like they are coming around, and seem to be nothing short of amazing. Especially, after what we have seen the past few years. If the pass rush continues to pressure the quarterbacks then Safeties should have no problem shining with the pass defends. So far the Safeties have done well in the run defense and should continue getting better. I believe these are the pieces of the puzzle that will make this team’s defense a dominant force, once again.

4) Game management:

I have been very happy with the game management up to this point, well, minus the Rams game when Koetter left timeouts in his pocket. However, I have never been more confident with the game plan , as I am with Koetter and his staff. The only thing I ask, at this point, is that our improvements stay continuous throughout the rest if the season. 

5)  Confidence in our kicker:

Robert Aguayo is like our child, we have to have faith in him and love him even when he screws up. Yes, he’s made some mistakes, but he is also learning from them. We have to support him, as fans. Without a doubt, there will be at least one more game that is going to come down to a winning field goal, like the game in Carolina. 2016, is a year that Roberto will one day look back on and laugh at his growing pains. There is no doubt in my mind that moving on into the future, people will call for Roberto’s name, he will trot out onto the field and kick another game-winning field goal. We will one day become spoiled by his accuracy. He needs us at these games to cheer him on every time he touches the field We should not boo him and ridicule him for a few mistakes. Positive vibes go a long way whether the situation is bad or not, we should be nurturing him as he grows into his confidence, be a part of that moment as he is a part of our future.

6) Winston’s progression:

We are going to win with Jameis Winston for years to come. Winston has been given more control over the offense and his progression is showing. He may not throw for 4500 yards, this season, but as he gains confidence, in his newly added responsibilities, he will find those numbers coming more frequently and with greater ease. If you pay attention to the seasoned vets around the league, you will find that their open check downs and allow defensive mistakes come to fruition. Once Jameis has this paradigm shift, we will see a whole new level of gameplay. I, for one, know this is coming, and much like a kid on the eve of Christmas, I am overwhelmed by anticipation!


e4ad8793-d806-4bd0-87cf-da937560c9e77) Thunder from the stands:

As fans, we need to be united with the team and create a storm of noise during every single snap the opposing team takes. We need to hang in there for our team even if we are losing. Too many times have I seen the stadium begin to empty when we are down by 20 points or more.

0436608295_16083926_8colIt’s bad enough the team has to experience losing on the field  but to add the fact that their fans are booing them and leaving, has to be the most hurtful thing of all. We need to amp up and show our pride. Make some noise! Achieve the level of excitement and thunder that other teams enjoy.  The team needs to know we are behind them 100% winning or losing. Nothing shows the team that they are loved more than what is coming from the stands. Be passionate! Be aggressive! And maybe just maybe the team will follow suit! We chose to be Bucs fans so root for your team loudly and proudly! As our team teeters on the edge of becoming something special, we should be in the stands screaming our heads off in support, until security kicks us out.