The Buccaneers need that 12th man effect


The Raiders head into Ray Jay on Sunday, and with their 4-0 record, look to seal up another road win. Dirk Koetter is concerned about the 4-0 road wins for the Raiders but seems more concerned about his team’s playing and the attitude of the fans in the stands. 

Coach knows that every place you play is different and one of the main factors in those road games, are the fans and how loud they can be. Koetter calls into question whether or not Tampa has the home field advantage or not. The truth of the matter is, not only is it the team’s responsibility to create that home field advantage, but it is also the responsibility of the fans.

Koetter doesn’t want to see any Raiders jerseys in the lower stands on Sunday, only those on the field. However, it will be a difficult task to completely eradicate those lower seats of Raiders jerseys as the Raiders do have a large number of fans who follow them on the road. Tampa is 0-2 at home up to this point of the season and hopes that those numbers will change on Sunday.

Bucs fans need to be loud and proud on Sunday, as Koetter noted that when you cannot hear yourself think, and have to resort to doing everything by hand signals, it’s very rough on a team and easy for a team to make mistakes. The fact that teams who bring in a big number of fans while on the road are a serious problem, and if that happens, Sunday, then the Raiders fans could actually impact the game. So let’s take Koetter’s advice and keep those Raiders jerseys out of the lower seats and rock this stadium for our Buccaneers!