Step up fans. This season is not over.


download-1Yesterday, the Oakland Raiders came to Tampa for a game that put Buccaneer fans through a roller coaster of emotions. Tampa held on and had many chances to pull off the win but Oakland ended up coming out with the victory with a 41 yard TD pass in overtime. It was a hard loss for our Buccaneers but the season is not over…

As fans, now is not the time for us to give up on our Bucs, if anything, now is the time when they need us the most. Losing a game in OT at home is hard enough without fans calling for the heads of several players and coaches. They are progressing. In previous years, this kind of game would’ve shown them completely give up and lose by double digits. Not this years team, they have heart and they have shown they can fight back through adversity.

Now I will agree that the production is not there to match the talent we have, but that will come. Give them a chance, Dirk Koetter is in his first year as Head Coach, Jameis Winston is having a sophomore slump as of right now and our Defense is still learning a new system. The Defense has shown flashes of greatness and we will see more as they progress. Show them that we as fans have their backs no matter what and will grow right along with them as they strive for greatness. So again I’ll say, this season is not over.

Tampa Bay is now 3-4 and a game and a half behind the 5-3 Atlanta Falcons which they play this coming Thursday at home. The last time our Bucs played the Falcons was week 1 as they emerged victorious 31-24. If they can pull out another division win, they will be right back in contention for the playoffs. When this happens, all the naysayers will be back and screaming what the Tampa Bay Faithful have been screaming all along…. THIS SEASON IS NOT OVER.

Never jump ship.