Injury scares and scars.


Last night Jameis Winston headed off the field in the 4th quarter with a knee injury and collective hearts dropped as Mike Evans went out of the game and was evaluated for a concussion. The Injuries just keep piling up on the offense as Antone Smith also needed help getting off the field. 

Good news is Jameis Winston seems to be fine and after a week off should be good to go against the Chicago Bears. Not sure exactly what Antone Smith’s story is at them moment, however, we will keep an ear to ground and update as soon as we know if he’s off those crutches or not. yes, he was on crutches during the game last night after being helped off the field.

Mike Evans, unfortunately, has entered into the NFL’s Concussions protocol, meaning he could miss some time. Let’s hope not, and keep our fingers crossed that it is nothing serious. We have had enough injuries and letdowns, this season, we do not need anymore.