Time to make a statement.


Alright Buccaneer coaches, owners, GM or whoever. Something has got to change and I’m not talking about a small change like switching out a player here and there. It’s time to make a statement to this team we call the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more importantly the FANS. 

lichtWe can all see it, actually the entire nation seen us get embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons. The defense is just simply terrible. We have stars on that defense that are supposed to make a difference and it is just not coming to fruition. It’s time to do something drastic in my opinion and I’ll get to that in a second… just hold on, I know you’re gonna love it. The offense, playing great considering the circumstances with injuries and by no means is the cause of our problems. They have been putting up points all year but that has not lead to wins. So what should we do?


It’s time for the brass to show who’s boss with this team, every one of those players has the mind frame that they will start and no matter what they’re not gonna be replaced. That needs to change NOW, and it all starts at the top. As much as I hate to say it, bench Winston… nothing would show how much you mean business by sitting the face of the franchise. Put Glennon in and show that everyone is replaceable. Mike Evans is the only player I would give the title “Irreplaceable” at the moment, and that’s because he plays every game like it’s his last. And for his and the team’s sake, get him someone worthy enough to catch passes on the other side…. please? Evans is taking a beating.

Now on to the Defense. What is there to say? They are horrendous, no pressure, no tackling, and worst of all no secondary. Make a change coaches… do something. Show a completely different defense next week. Put in the second team and put someone out there with heart and has something to prove. Sign someone, I know there have to be a few players in free agency that can play better than what we have seen. And I know, I’m crazy… but really can it hurt to try something new?

All I’m asking is DO SOMETHING. Show us the fans that have STEPPED UP for you in almost every way possible, that you’re willing to STEP UP for them.