Jameis Winston Sophomore slump?


I don’t quite think so and neither should you. It’s laughable at best to even think that he is experiencing that in the first place. At the halfway mark, Winston is already over 2,000 yards passing and has already thrown 17 touchdowns. He seems to be on pace to set a franchise passing record this year. The Winston and Evans connection leads the NFL in touchdowns and although Winston has been hit, hurried, and sacked a high amount of times, he still remains confident and insists that confidence comes from him not being a loser, I don’t believe his a loser.

With all of the injuries and setbacks that have plagued us this year, Winston remains pretty solid, despite all of the negative attention he receives from fans. I do not believe Winston could fall victim to a Sophomore Slump and if his second-year performance, thus far, can be labeled as such, then it can be compared to Mike Evans last year, if he fell victim to the Sophomore Slump, then it wasn’t all that bad.

I believe the idea of both Evans last year and Jameis this year, being in a Sophomore Slump, is just the disgruntled rantings of fans who are upset we are 3-5. The only reason I make any mention of that ridiculous idea of him being in a slump is because I’ve seen it all over social media. Social media is a great place for armchair analysts and experts to unleash their unwanted opinions upon the world and normally the mob mentality ensues. I hope the idea of a slump doesn’t catch on any more than I’ve seen that it has because it’s ludicrous.