The Chief’s defense will be a tough test for the Bucs offense


Bucs win at home and now they head into Arrow Head to face another one of the most difficult teams on this year’s schedule. The Bucs offense will need to fire on all cylinders, get the running game established, and keep it established in order to keep the Chief’s secondary guessing. The Kansas City Chiefs boast one of the best secondary units in the NFL and at 7-2, and leading the league with 13 interceptions, they will strongly defend their home turf against the Buccaneers who are 3-1 on the road this season. Jameis threw four interceptions against the Arizona Cardinals, in week 2, adding to his total of 8 interceptions in his first four games of the season. However, he has only thrown 2 interceptions in the last four games.

Jameis Winston will be put to the test during this upcoming game on Sunday. Not only will the Bucs be facing one of the toughest secondaries in the NFL, they will also be facing a tough Kansas City pass rush. Adding to that pass rush will be a boost from their star linebacker Justin Houston who is rumored to be returning against the Buccaneers. With an offensive line consisting of two rookies who had seen their first playing time during last week’s slaughter of the Bears, Jameis will need to stay on his toes and play some smart football.

The Bucs defense played well against the Chicago Bears passing offense and should do the same against the Kansas City Chiefs. Believe it or not, the Bears offense is ranked higher than the Chiefs. Also, the Bucs defense handled themselves well against the Bears rushing offense. After struggling in the beginning to contain the beast of a rookie named Jordan Howard, who is ranked second behind Ezekiel Elliot in rookie running backs, they quickly found ways to keep him at bay for the most part. Oddly enough, aside from the Chiefs defense, the Bucs seem to be facing, statistically speaking, a similar team as they did at home against the Bears. Not only is that a good sign for Tampa it also spells Chance with a capital C.

The short and the skinny: No one, but Bucs fans, believes that there is any chance Tampa wins this game. The Chiefs have always found ways to win games even when being down by a large margin when entering into the second half. The Chiefs, however, struggle against NFC South teams, they struggle against teams with losing records, they struggle against the pass, and they struggle at home. Yet, they somehow still manage to win. Tampa, by all means, has a very real shot at winning this game, so don’t count us out yet.