Brent Grimes Quadricep injury keeps him sidelined.


The Buccaneers Winjuryay injruy report has come out and Brent Grimes has not practiced and will likely miss the game against the Seahawks. Evan Smith will also likely miss the game on Sunday as well. Btu there is some good news. Jacqui

But there is some good news. Jacquizz Rodgers has returned to practice and so has Charles Sims. Sims is not eligible yet, not until week 14, and Rodgers is held to limited participation in his return, on Wednesday. Still, it is nice to have those two back practicing.

To add to the good news of our running backs getting back into action is the word on the streets that Seahawks safety Earl Thomas and DL Michael Bennett will likely miss this Sunday’s game. The Seahawks seem to want to tease us by holding Richard Sherman and Jimmy Graham out of practice, if they don’t play, then it would bode very well for the Buccaneers on Sunday, who I already like to win by a narrow margin. It would just widen that margin.