Bucs vs Saints game flexed


The week 14 Bucs game against the Saints has been flexed from 1 pm to 4:15 pm and it will be nationally televised. Since your Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the middle of the playoff hunt (That’s right, PLAYOFFS) and this game will have heavy implications not only for the division but the wild card race, so the NFL decided to move the game into a better time slot. So if you’re a Bucs fan that doesn’t live in the state of Florida then you will be able to catch the Bucs on TV.

The game will be a very good game with the Bucs trying to win their 3rd straight at home and if they beat San Diego their 5th straight overall. Now the Saints will come into town with a high powered offense and the Bucs will counter with a very much improved defense that shut down the Seahawks. It should be a good one and I hope that the Bucs show out and show off for the whole country to see. Let’s go Bucs and FIRE THE CANNONS!!!!!