The Bucs overcome the odds, once again.


According to the oddsmakers, the Bucs weren’t supposed to win against the Chargers. But we all know the Bucs don’t normally follow what the odds say, in fact, they like to do the exact opposite. The Buccaneers were trailing the contest 14-10 by half time but then came out in the second half ready and in full control. The defense kick started one of the best second half performance the Bucs have produced this season and it all started with a beautiful pick six by Lavonte David. Bucs outscored the Chargers 10- 7 in the third quarter.

The Bucs dominated the entire fourth quarter of the game scoring the only points, putting up 11 on the Chargers. San Deigo attempted a comeback drive with three mins left, but Keith Tandy, who was filling in for the injured Chris Conte, thought it otherwise. Tandy picked off Philip Rivers in the end zone and crushed the Chargers hope of mounting any kind of comeback. The Tandy Man still can!

Tampa controlled the clock from there on out. 

James Winston threw for 280 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Freddie Martino stepped in for the injured Cecil Shorts and made several key plays when the Bucs needed them most. It seems this team clicks, no matter where they sit on the depth chart.

The Bucs have played their way into the 6th seed and a Wild Card spot. But the season is not over. The Bucs will have to continue this winning trend in order to maintain their playoff position or, possibly, to earn a better spot.