The Buccaneers win five in a row but Dirk is not happy.


The Buccaneers offense is having a tough time finding the end zone as they’ve only managed six offensive touchdowns in the last four games. However, the Bucs have won five straight and although they have won those five, head coach Dirk Koetter is not happy with the offense.  Jameis Winston, who was an incredible streak, was not able to find the end zone against the Saints. That was the first time he hasn’t found the end zone in his NFL career, college career, and possibly ever in his life.

The Bucs head coach would like to see the Buccaneers offense get more involved with the compliments the team is receiving and even though the defense is playing extraordinarily well,  he does not think the Offense is doing a good enough job.

Although the Buccaneers struggle to find the end zone, they still control their own destiny in the NFC South and have set a course that leads to the post season. If the offense starts playing up to those standards and the defense and the special teams continue to play the way they are, this will be a tough Tampa team to beat. 

The Bucs face a difficult task, Sunday, as they head into Dallas and face an 11-2 Cowboys team and if there was any time that offense needs to click, it’s now.