Bucs are the underdogs again.


Does it matter that Tampa is the underdog heading into Dallas? Tampa has won four straight as the underdog and it seems that Tampa loves to defy all the odds. The Buccaneers are 5-1 on the road and 3-1 on the road vs the conference. Dallas is 5-1 at home and they are 3-1 at home against the conference. Historically Dallas as only covered the spread 11 times out of their last 37 games when being considered the favorite in the month of December. What does that have to do with this year? Nothing

Although the Bucs are the underdog in this one, I believe their red-hot defense is going to again ‘defy the Odds’ and those who sleep don’t get to eat. This will be an evenly matched contest for the most part and the spread will not be covered so don’t bet on the spread.