Draft a receiver at 19th? I’d think so.


A lot of the newest mock drafts are coming out saying that we are going to get a WR in the first round and I feel that we 100% need a WR to help Jameis and Mike Evans. Usually, I would disagree with a Tampa drafting a WR in the first round, but we desperately need that extra deep threat. Considering the fact that our defense played pretty solid this season, we may not necessarily need to address anything defense wise with the 19th pick.

The NFL praised Tampa’s secondary as one of the most improved in 2016, and believe that our defense would have been even better if our offense was able to stay on the field longer.

As for who I think we should draft in the first round, Mike Williams out of Clemson. I really like Williams and along with Mike Evans, could prove to make Tampa the serious deep threat we know we can be. However, in all likelihood, Williams will be selected long before he gets to us at 19th.

So, I would go with Corey Davis out of Western Michigan.  Davis is more than a reasonable selection. He is a speedy receiver and a serious deep threat and would complement Evans nicely.

If Tampa can find a comparable receiver in free agency, then we should look at the possibility of selecting a defensive end or an offensive lineman with the 19th pick.

Safety has been a concern for many fans, but our coaches stand by our safeties, McDougald, Tandy and Conte, and GM Jason Licht has already said that the Bucs will focus on bringing back as many of our current free agent players as we can.

Last year we drafted Vernon Hargreaves III with our first round pick, and we signed Brent Grimes out of the free agency,  although they both played very well, I believe that there is a need for another star at cornerback. Hargreaves was easily in the top 5 for rookie corners last season, maybe even the number two overall, and that’s not going off of stats, that’s going off his teammates, who praise him for his football IQ. Another VH3 cannot hurt. Maybe even another UF corner,  this time Quincy Wilson?