My 2 Bullion: Who Will Win Superbowl LI?


That’s a tough question to answer, as both teams are relatively even. Atlanta finished second in the league in total offense per game (415.8 yards), and the Pats finished fourth with 386.2 yards. I would call that a wash. Let’s dig a little deeper. Atlanta finished third in passing yards with 295.3. And respectfully, the Pats finished fourth with 269.2 yards a game. Another wash, even Stephen. Now, let’s look at rushing yards per game; Atlanta is seventh with 117.0 yards per game and the Pats averaged 120.5 yards per game, ranking them in fifth. Another close one.

While doing research a couple of stats jumped out to me. The Pats defense ranked eighth compared to Atlanta they finished twenty-fifth, advantage Pats. We all have heard this before, “Defense wins championships.” The second stat was Belichick’s record dating back to 2000 when having two weeks to prepare his game plan is 10-3. Given the last two stats it tips the victory scale to the Pat’s. I feel confident in my choice by using analytics. I just wish I was writing this article about “Our Bucs.” We will see in just over a week.

That’s just my 2 bullion.