My 2 Bullion: Vincent Jackson The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.


Buccaneers Man of the Year winner, Vincent Jackson has won every year since 2013.

All 32 teams select one player that nominated to win The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. Vincent Jackson is the son of two military parents and he and his wife have given back selflessly to Tampa’s military. Along with his wife, they have published two children’s books for children disconnected from their parent (s) due to deployments. Jackson and his wife also host an annual baby shower for soon to be mothers of military service members that are deployed.

His service to the military men and women in the Tampa area does not end there. Here are programs Vincent Jackson supports, Fourth Annual Youth in Action Camp, Salute to Reading Program, Jackson in Action Front Row Fans and The Santa Social. All-embracing Tampa’s military community. In my opinion, Vincent should have won The Walter Payton NFL Man of the year! His commitment and his respect for our military make this Buc Nut proud.

That’s just My 2 Bullion.