What COULD have been but NEVER was.


Aldon Smith hit the NFL in 2011 for the San Francisco 49ers and dominant would be an understatement for Aldon Smith.

In 2011, Smith accumulated 14 sacks, but what would he do for an encore? The following season Smith piled up the sacks with the 49ers totaling 19.5.

It seemed that the sky was the limit for this defensive mastermind as he demolished the opposing offensive lineman and seemed to be the next Reggie White or Bruce Smith. Unfortunately, life got in the way and derailed Smith’s ride to stardom.

In the following two seasons with the 49ers, Smith would only total 10.5 sacks. The Niners were fed up with the issues that Smith was bringing.

He would be arrested five times in three years. He was charged with a hit and run, DUI, and vandalism. Not to mention, the fact that he filed a false bomb report in 2014. He has been in and out of rehab several times.

The 49ers sent the once dominant defensive player to Oakland in 2015 where he played 9 games and only recorded 3.5 sacks.

Smith is now being sued by the 49ers for more than $340,000 which is part of the signing bonus money that he was supposed to receive, but due to his legal issues, the 49ers want the money back. Smith has paid some of the money back, but according to the court, he stills owes the 49ers the rest.

The total for his signing bonus was over the one million dollar mark and the 49ers hope to get it all back. Aldon Smith is trying to make it back to the NFL, but surely his best days are far behind him.

His off the field issues have not stopped with the Raiders, which is why he is not currently playing.

What could have been, but never was, is the best way to describe Aldon Smith’s career.