Falcons next OC?


So if you haven’t heard, the dirty birds are losing their star offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The question is who could replace him. Well, it’s most likely to be someone already on their coaching staff. That being so the system remains fairly intact.

A name that’s been floating around is falcons wide receivers coach and assistant head coach Raheem Morris, who had been a Buccaneers coach from 2002 to 2011 with his final three years as the head coach.

What a surprise this year he was. The Falcons wide receivers were outstanding this season. What makes it more impressive is that he’s been a defensive coach during his whole career. So that is pretty impressive to make a smooth transition.

Will his coaching of the falcons receiving core prove he’s worthy to call the plays and take over the offense? We’ll have to wait and see

Man, wouldn’t that be weird Raheem’s Morris offense against Mike Smiths defense? Whoa, this only adds to the excitement of the off-season. Go Bucs!