Bucs: Super Bowl bound in 2017?


“Tampa Bay has a young quarterback and a second-year head coach, just like Dan Quinn who was a second-year head coach. And other than some hiccups late in the year when they were trying to make the playoffs, that defense starting at midseason really started balling out. They do have some questions at the running game.” – Elliot Harrison


Harrison is an NFL Network analyst and believes our Bucs are on the path to the big game next season. The subject was bought up in a segment, ‘Which team can be this year’s Falcons’.


You have to admit it’s a bold statement, but a welcome one none-the-less, as many fans have heard nothing but mostly negative, if anything, (outside of the local), from any major media source. Anything can happen and it sure would be nice. Tampa made strides in the first season with Dirk Koetter, at the helm, and should continue making more strides as time ticks on. Jason Licht has a ton of Glazer doubloons at his disposal and is now able to get the necessary weapons we need to make a serious postseason run and maybe even to the big game. Hell, maybe Harrison could be right after all. Go Bucs!