Could Demarcus Walker be exactly what the Bucs need?


Walker was a highly recruited kid out of Sandalwood high in Jacksonville. He spent four seasons with the NOLES, but these past two seasons, he has been the best sack artist in the nation.


Walker stands six foot four inches and weighs 280 pounds, He has the skill and quickness to play on the outside and the toughness, plus the smarts, to play on the inside. The Buccaneers need another interior pass rusher, on that will give opposing lines big trouble when they double on McCoy.


If you watched any FSU games, this last season, you’d see Walker got many sacks going against just about any guard, or center on the inside. Just watch the second half of the Ole Miss game he put in work during that game.


He definitely has first round talent but has been slipping in many mock drafts to the second or third round and the reason some say that is happening is because of his attitude problem.


He plays with a chip on his shoulder and that isn’t a bad thing, it will just add more fire to the D-line.


If Walker is available at our turn, in the second or even the third, I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should grab him. He is definitely a player we do not want to face for the next fifteen years.