Kwon Alexander Snubbed From Harrison’s All-Under-25 team.


Elliot Harrison had recently released his All-Under-25 team and Tampa made the list with three players, Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and Ali Marpet. It’s great and all, that these fine Bucs made the list, but where is Kwon Alexander?

I know I’m being nitpicky, as only a few teams can say they have more than one player on that list, let alone three like Tampa, which is the only team able to say this, but it should be four.

Kwon Alexander had 108 solo tackles last season, which led the league and had one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, and an interception against the Rams, in which he scored a touchdown. Kwon is clearly concerned about his being snubbed as you can see via his Twitter.

I suppose we should be used to our players getting snubbed for Pro Bowls, other awards, and honor lists, but at some point, the league is going to have to recognize all of our players who do great.

I guess am just not used to it yet.