The Buccaneers and Adrian Peterson not likely to happen.


Adrian Peterson is still a big named player and a big time talent, and even before the free agency began, he has been tied to Tampa. Instead of the Vikings re-signing one of the best running backs to ever play the game they cut him and signed free agent running back Latavius Murray.

Tampa is one of the teams that many see making the most sense for Peterson and they have had a lot of media exposure tying the two together. Recent photos surfaced of Jameis Winston, Adrian Peterson, Mke Evans, and DeSean Jackson together with Peterson only fueled the belief that he could be heading to Tampa.

However, this is an unlikely scenario, as it seems that Tampa will most likely move forward eyeing running backs in the draft and wait to see what will happen with Doug Martin. There are more than a few teams interested in the veteran running back and one of those teams, the New England Patriots, will be hosting Peterson for a visit today.



Although the dream scenario of Peterson and Martin in Tampa together is tantalizing, it is more likely that Peterson will sign with a different team and Doug Martin will be back in action for the Buccaneers.