Buccaneers and Hard Knocks.


Not having a new head coach, not having made the playoffs in the past two seasons, and not having appeared on the show in a decade. Those are some of the criteria needed to be considered for the HBO show Hard Knocks. There are eight teams eligible for the show and Tampa is one of them.


The Buccaneers believe they are one of the top candidates for the show and the Bucs Brass believes that the team is fully capable of handling it. According to Tampa Bay Times Rick Stroud, The Bucs have told the league they will cooperate.


Jameis Winston would embrace the spotlight and quickly become one of the show’s biggest stars. Although many believe it would be a distraction, or a curse towards the team’s 2017 season, many others around the Buccaneers Organization believe that not only would it not be an issue, but it would allow the chance for the team and the players to generate more fans.


Whether or not they will be on the show this year, the fact remains that the Buccaneers will be ready for it and the team’s owners all the way down to the coaches, fully believe this will not be an issue for the players and that they are capable of handling any obstacle thrown their way. Makes me think that this season will be extraordinary. HBO show or not.