All eyes on the Bucs now…


What a whirlwind of an offseason for the Bucs and their fans. It almost feels like a dream, like we’ve hit the NFL lottery or something. All of a sudden, because of a certain fiery young QB, Tampa has become a desired place to play. DeSean Jackson. Chris Baker. JJ Wilcox. Hard Knocks.  They came not because of the beautiful weather or our state’s lack of income tax, but rather for the young man from Hueytown, Alabama and his leadership abilities and pure, absolute, unadulterated love of the pigskin and brotherhood.


Time has sure flown by since the glory days. Since that glorious evening in Southern Cali in 2003 to Chucky roaming the sidelines, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. We know that light, we’ve seen it before. We know how it feels to watch this team ascend to greatness through the season by season to achieve the ultimate prize. We’ve watched the lowest lows the past 10 years since Gruden was fired. Coach after coach. Player after player. Pick after pick. We’ve watched this team get shellacked on national TV multiple times the past few years. Going into San Fran and being down 45-0. Going to Atlanta on a Thursday Night game and getting whomped on by 40 points. Twice. No more.


This feels like those late 90s Bucs all over again. It didn’t take long to realize how good #55 and #99 were and the same can be said about Jameis. Once you get that guy who wants to be a Buc, wants to be the guy in Tampa, you’ve got something special going on. You know the feeling. Other players see that and want to be a part of it and it’s exactly whats going on in Tampa right now. Lombardi dreams and MVP wishes!