Bucs looking to trade Thursday night?


The word on the street is that the Buccaneers are in talks with several teams about possibly trading some picks. It is a possibility that Jason Licht may be trying to trade back into the first round, but it is not out of the realm of possibility that he trades out of the first round altogether.


The only reason I could see the Bucs trading out of the first round would be to snag several mid-round picks, which historically, have proven to produce very solid players. Tomorrow night is the draft and we finally see what the Bucs will do and as far as most fans have been talking these past few months, I believe there will be a lot of disappointed fans at the end of tomorrow night.


I am sure Jason Licht will avoid a similar fiasco like the one last year, trading up to get a kicker in the second, however, just don’t be upset if your favorite player is not drafted at 19th tomorrow evening.