Round 2 Evaluation


The second day of the draft is in the books. The Buccaneers selected Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M with their second round pick.


While he most likely would have been available later in the draft, Evans is a solid pick considering Tampa Bay’s needs. He was the best pure Free Safety available at that point in the draft and will compete for the starting position right off the bat. He plays very aggressively, hits hard, and he is fast.


He ran the 40-yard dash with a thigh issue, would most likely run a time somewhere below 4.50. The Buccaneers might even try him out as a nickel corner due to his athleticism. On a negative note, he does miss a lot of tackles because of his aggressive playing style and he is a little undersized at 5’11’.


To put it in a nut shell, a very solid addition to our secondary, which was in desperate need of assistance. Evans brings that much-needed Safety help to the table.