How many potential mismatches?


Many! Just imagine a defensive line having multiple home run hitters, man, I sure wish the Bucs had that: Wait, yes, they do. They have a  beast in the middle with Gerald McCoy and with the addition of Chris Baker next to him and with Robert Ayers/Noah Spence on the boundary, I feel sorry for our opponent’s QBs. Let’s also not forget about our other young guys and William Gholston stopping the run.

If only we had speed at linebacker. Oh, wait a minute. Lavonte David comes through cleanly with an easy sack. That’s not even remotely fair. Our secondary can only get better with the upshot of our pass rush.

Jason Licht has built a potentially dangerous on the paper defensive front. It could easily be the best in the league if we play our cards correctly. Coach Smith has a mass of weapons at his disposal to shut down offenses. Talk don’t mean anything. Get it done on the field Bucs!

I am looking forward to one exciting season!!! Go Bucs!