Robert McClain will bring veteran competition and experience.


Mike Smith knows a little bit about some defense, so we have to accept that when he signs a player, it is for good reason. The signing of Robert McClain has some people wondering if the Bucs Brass are drunk, but they are not. The fact is, behind Brent Grimes and Hargreaves, none of our corners has that much experience. That’s where McClain comes in.

Some may not see the logic in bringing McClain in, but may also fail to realize that he has started for multiple defenses and has even started in the Super Bowl when he was at Carolina. Many point to his stats as a cause for concern, and although the stats are a good indication of what a player is capable of, it in no way can determine a player’s contribution to a football team.

Mike Smith knows McClain well, having coached him for three seasons in Atlanta, so we have to believe in our defensive coordinator and trust that he knows what he is doing. McClain will compete at both the corner and the nickel positions, and having played the nickel in Atlanta, he should have no problems playing that position in Tampa.

He will compete against second-year player Javien Elliot and third-year player Hey Jude, both players are talented, but it is obvious that Mike Smith wants more experience. If the buccaneers are to make a run at the NFC South title and a postseason, talent is a must, but so is having veteran experience.