Austin Seferian-Jenkins: Off the ship to on the Wagon.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins was suspended by the NFL for violating their substance abuse policy due to his embarrassing DUI arrest that had him cut from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Following his departure from the Bucs, the New York Jets chose to take a chance on the third-year tight end out of Washington.

It seems Jenkins had finally decided that his career was more important than his drinking and had attended outpatient rehab four days a week to stay away from the drink. Upon his completion of rehab, ASJ has gone more than 129 days without a drink and is in great shape.

Jenkins had admitted that deciding to stop drinking has transformed his life and will strive to continue on his newly created path of sobriety. For those who know: It takes one day at a time. Like many people, knowing you have a problem is one thing but being afraid and embarrassed by your problem is another. Seeking help takes courage and no one should be ashamed to want help when they have an addiction.