Mike Evans fine with defenses Double teaming him.


Mike Evans confidence is at an all-time high, after his breakout 2016 season, and it shows in his recent interviews. Last year he was met with a lot of double coverage on the field, teams knew they were up against a powerhouse player. But that’s all fine with Evans. And with recent additions like DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard, the Bucs may very well be the team to beat this season.

“I’m going to be happy with the field opening up for me when I see it, teams didn’t do a good job of disguising last year, they didn’t, double teaming. I would see the safety over there, it would be one safety and he would be shaded to my side and I would get a lot of two-man and busted coverage. This year, if they do that, that’s fine with me because we have a lot of weapons that Jameis can work with.” Evans told reporters.

When asked by the NFL Network how he felt about the addition of Jackson to the team, he said, “I was so excited, you know, I was hoping, we were gunning for him. He’s a great deep threat, one of the most explosive receivers to ever play the game. I think he still might be one of the fastest guys in the league, I know John Ross ran a fast 40, but man, he can run, DeSean Jackson can run! And I think  he’ll take the double teams away and help our team out a lot.”

We all know Evans can hold his own out on the field, but with their new amped up offense opening up the field for him this year, the Bucs are in for one heck of a season.