Kwon’s Rising Star…


There is a common consensus among NFL writers and talk show hosts about LB Kwon Alexander. He’s really good and quickly getting better. NFL Network’s Peter Schrager predicts a huge year for the 23-year-old LB. He’s already, in his third year, become the anchor of the Bucs defense at MLB. A mold of Derrick Brooks, he finds himself undersized at the position but employs a very potent combination of speed and strength to hold his own. Analysts love his abilities in coverage as he thrives covering any kind of receiver or back with his twitchy movement and agility combined with range and excellent acceleration to enable him to make plays many others cannot. The athletic ability really shows up when Kwon gets his hands on the football and quickly looks for blockers after turnovers with a nose for the end zone, very reminiscent of #55.

At 6’1 227, he is definitely a bit undersized at inside LB but has surprising strength to make plays in between the tackles. In 2016, he finished 1st in the NFL in solo tackles at 108 but was 20th in football in assisted tackles at only 37. If he gets his hands on you, you’re going down is what that stat says. But, simply put, he finds himself getting washed out on too many plays as well, evidenced by the assisted solo tackles. That comes down to general field awareness, something that’s relatively solved through playing time and gaining experience entering his third year. Kwon has quickly ascended the list of the best MLB’s in the league, and for a reason. The rare combination of the speed and power, make this young man an absolute tackling machine primed and oiled up to cause havoc in 2017!