Dirk shows Jaboo Tough Love on “HK”


Last night on HBO’s hit series “Hard Knocks”, the cameras gave us a very personal look at Dirk and Jameis’ relationship that even we wouldn’t hear or see at One Buc training facility. One of the highlights of the first episode featured the sign in One Buc that reads, “The road to success is always under construction”; and that’s the exact feeling we are left with at the end of the hour.

We see a 1 on 1 meeting between Dirk and Jameis discussing their relationship in terms field awareness and what Jameis “needs” to do to be successful for this team. Jameis asks “What is doing too much?” Dirk gives the young QB the hard truth after propping him up just a bit. “We have a good defense…we don’t need you to lose a game for us. You’re the only guy who can lose a game for us, no one else touches the ball enough. There’s a fine line there and you’re a great competitor, we just need some patience.” Old school and New school finding their niche.

HBO takes us back out to the practice field to end the episode where Jameis finds himself struggling on the day. This is the most intimate look at their relationship. All masks off. After Jameis throws an errant deep ball into traffic that is picked off to the chagrin of Dirk, despite specific orders about the check down for DeSean or Mike doubled up. Dirk begins to raise his voice but not to yell,  “What the fuck was that?”. Dirk evenly tone asks again, “What was that? What did we say about we would do against a double?….That’s bullshit.” Tough love. The road to success is ALWAYS under construction! GO BUCS!