That game day feel


I know preseason is just a tease but being away so long it’s good to just have any type of football in general. Those morning game day jitters if any during preseason is just a taste of whats to come. Last year Expectations we’re higher than usual, but this year is a whole new ball game.

This year the Bucs have had an extensive amount of media attention more then they have ever had in the social media era. Playoffs and the Buccaneers are being used in the same sentence in a positive way, not the usual “the Bucs will not make the playoffs” like us fans are used to hearing. Just think about where this team could go this year or our potential for the next few years. That alone gets me excited for even the simplest Preseason game

It’s been quite some time since the Bucs have had this much hype. Whether that’s a good thing or not is a topic for a different article on a different day. But for now, we can all just embrace the hype and become more excited at the potential this team had to offer. Not many people realize just how much potential we have. So enjoy it before things start to become real and our stress meters rocket every Sunday.