NFL Players’ Strike?


The precarious state of the NFL has this Bucs Report writer asking, “Could the NFL players strike?” Our first amendment has come under intense scrutiny as to how it applies to to the workplace. If your boss demanded of you to stand before ANY flag and pledge your allegiance to something you might not agree with, would you do it to appease your boss and keep your job? Or do your personal views override that demand and you say NO and stand up for your personal rights as an American citizen?

How much more will the Players Union tolerate before they eventually hit the picket line like any reputable union would after being coerced and forced into a nationalistic pastime against their will? Our president fully expresses his unadulterated thoughts on a whim as a major public official, where you have LESS free speech rights as a government official; so why are private citizens of a private company subject to less rights?

On Tuesday, POTUS further threatened the NFL by taking away “massive tax breaks”. This scare tactic employed by POTUS has presumably worked as hours later it was reported the NFL is considering rule changes regarding the National Anthem. By the way, the NFL hasn’t operated in tax exempt status since 2015. Currently, the rule states that players “should” stand during the Anthem. “Should” being the key word. It’s not forceful or coercive. “Should” does not mean “Must”. Our own Gerald McCoy has gone on record Wednesday afternoon during an ESPN podcast from Adam Schefter stating the NFL would cause an “uproar” by forcing players to stand. Though he has stated he himself would  not protest, but he supports his teammates right to do so. It sounds like the Bucs Brass are supporting their players as well in this situation. But, if there is a strike, will Bucs players join their peers?

I want to finish this article by saying this is NOT a confrontational article. I’m just simply putting the idea out there of a possible player’s strike over their perceived First Amendment rights as American citizens just like you and I and the right to peacefully protest!