Time for Dirk to give up play calling?


Is it time for Coach Koetter to pass the play calling duties to offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach Todd Monken?

Coach Koetter has been the offensive play caller since 2015. During that time, the Buccaneers have averaged 24 points per game. Although that isn’t terrible, it’s not that great either. That point total puts us right smack in the middle of the pack, around 15, in the NFL.

They have especially struggled mightily in the red zone. It seems the Bucs can move the ball down the field, but once they get into the red zone, inside their own 20 yard line, everything just comes to a halt.

In 2015, the Buccaneers were 22nd (52.9%) in the league in scoring touchdowns. Then in 2016, our percentage actually dropped, with the red zone scoring falling from just under 53% to 51.85%.

The Buccaneers can’t keep settling for field goals. Field goals do not often win games, especially against the upper echelon of teams.

So far, during the 2017 season, the Buccaneers are doing a little better in the redzone with an average success rate of 55.56%, which, in my opinion is still terrible.

Simply put, our red zone has to get better if we are going to make a strong push for the playoffs.

One solution the team should definitely consider is for coach Koetter to hand the play calling duties to offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

Monken was the offensive Coordinator for Oklahoma State in 2011-2012, and that team averaged almost 46 points per game during his tenure with the team. In 2011, the Cowboys were first in scoring offense and 3rd in red zone offense in the Big 12.

Although the NFL is completely different from college, it really makes sense to give Monken a chance to call few games and see what he can do.

Honestly, if it helps, that would be great on many fronts, the biggest of which would be to allow coach Koetter to focus on his other duties as the head coach. We have a capable offensive coordinator and it’s high time he gets the chance to showcase his play calling abilities. At worst, if it fails, then coach Koetter can take back play calling duties.

Seriously, something needs to change before our season is lost by the mid point of the season.

-We are a very talented team, probably the most talented team we’ve had in over a decade, especially on the offensive side. We’ve been screaming for a franchise quarterback, we have him, now let’s utilize his talents to the best of his abilities and get this offense on track. Honestly, what can it hurt? Let’s make a change and just see what happens.

Edited by Harmeet Kapur